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“Nothing motivates more than success and the associated personal recognition.”

In order to express this through our work, to make a positive contribution to the surrounding area in Hartha and to fulfil our social responsibility with the creation of new jobs, our company image is built on:

Every GSH Sachsen GmbH employee takes responsibility for his/her customers, colleagues and the company itself, because it is only when we work as a team that we can deliver our best performance.

GSH Sachsen GmbH stands for high quality requirements, on-time delivery, personal contact with customers, cleanliness, tidiness and safety. All of these services are provided by our employees through rapid and consistent action.

Creative stimuli and innovative approaches link together current knowledge in a new way, with a view to producing future-oriented solutions. In order to continually keep up with technical progress in today's fast-paced climate, we promote and support our employees through training courses and seminars, to ensure that we are always the right contact partner for your needs.

Our expertise in the different service areas is tailored specifically to your processes, leading to high-quality, measurable and sustainable results.

So that we can implement your requests effectively, to a high quality and on time, proximity to customers, suppliers and colleagues is particularly important to us. It is through passion and respect that we produce responsible solutions and can deliver high-quality products.

GSH Sachsen GmbH observes and adheres to the laws applicable in the regions in which we do business at all times. Our corporate culture is important to us and is evident to our customers. After all, a company can only be successful if everyone pulls together.